Screen flicker when switching to powerpoint file

I have noticed that in the latest update of EW6 (6.7.5), a screen flicker occurs when switching to a powerpoint slide.

This can be reproduced as follows:

Make a schedule that has two (or more) PPT presentations and also standard EW6 slides between these PPTs.
When you forward the schedule from the first PPT presentation to the next standard EW6 slide, all is well.
However, if you (after that) switch to the next PPT presentation, a short flicker appears. You can (very briefly) see the first PPT before the second is displayed.
This seems like a buffer issue or something like that.

I have reproduced this on two different PC's, one with an Nvidea card and the other with an ATI card. Both have the same problem. It van be noticed more if the PPT is a bit more heavy (pictures in the PPT).

We do not use the powerpoint viewer in EW6. Office version is Office 13.

I recall that I have seen this behavior before in an earlier version, but it has not always been there.

So, I hope it can be solved. It is nog a big issue, but it is just not so nice (it shows on the beamers as well).

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Yes I have the same problem. I'm not sure if the sequence is the same as the one reported, but definitely when going from a PP to a song there is a brief flash - sometimes its the Windows 10 desktop, or else another previous background. It looks very unprofessional when it comes on the main projection screen. 

Hi, did you update EW6 to the latest version? Version 6.7.8 does not have the issue any more in my experience.
It is also mentioned as a solved issue in the release notes.

I am on EW 6.7.8 and just upgraded from Powerpoint 2010 to Powerpoint 2016.  It did not happen on PPT 2010 and just started happening on PPT 2016.  During my slide flicker, I see the last PPT slide from the previous PPT file.  It seems to only happen when I go from a song to the next PPT file.  If I don't get a fix for this, I'll downgrade back to PPT 2010 but that seems like a step backwards.  

Hi, we are using PPT 2013 and no problem there (after the update to 6.7.8), no experience with PPT 2016, sorry.

I am having the same problem.  The last slide shown from the first PowerPoint in the Schedule flashes on the screen when I switch between the other PowerPoints in the Schedule.  I am using a Dell Latitude running Windows 10 Pro.  The PowerPoint version is Office 365 2016.  This issue first appeared in December 2017, which was right after I upgraded to EW 6.7.8.

Typically, we have only seen this with Switchable Graphics computers.

Do any of you know if your computers have more than one Video Card installed?

You may try adding a blank black PowerPoint slide as the very first item in your schedule.

Going Live to a blank black slide seems to work-around the issue presently.

This is a known issue that has been resolved in the latest update of EasyWorship 6, build 6.7.9.

Build 6.7.9 is available for download now on our support page. Here is the link for the download: EasyWorship 6.7.9

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