EasyWorship 7 running slow

I downloaded EasyWorship to my pc, pc specs are:AMD Ryzen 7 5700, 16GB of RAM, RTX 4060Ti. The problem is switching between slides as it takes more then 6 to 7 seconds to switch with no background. Is there a fix? Or something I can do as the program feels as if it’s not using the PCs full capabilities. Honestly, I really don’t know and need help.

Open EasyWorship and click on HELP//ABOUT EASYWORSHIP and let me know which version and build number you are running.  

We will need some more information regarding the specifications of your computer. Please follow the steps below:

1. Click on the Windows Logo Icon (Start menu) at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen,

2. Type in "DXDIAG" and click on 'DXDIAG.exe' or 'DXDIAG run command',

3. Click Yes when a yes/no question appears,

4. Click on Save All Information.. at the bottom-right of the DXDIAG window,

5. Save the information under an obvious name such as "dxdiagoutput",

6. Attach the saved file to this ticket.

 make sure that you are running the computer using a Performance or High Performance power plan

Ok, I added the attached file. 

(The computer is indeed running on a performance power plan.)


A few things I can think of. 

  1. What Version and Build of EW are you running? The latest is
  2. Is this a pre built or did you build it yourself?
  3. Is the 16 gigs of ram a single 16g stick or two 8 gig sticks? A Ryzen system really needs two sticks of ram configured in Dual Channel mode with XMP Enabled. A single stick in single channel mode and without XMP enabled leaves a lot of performance unused. 
  4. What Speed of ram. You really need 3200 or 3600 ram for peak performance.
  5. Did you install the latest AMD Chipset Drivers direct from the AMD Support site or the one from AsRock (which are highly outdated) or even worse thru Windows update? Here is a link to the proper AMD provided chipset driver. The AMD chipset driver included special optimised Power Plans for Ryzen processors.
  6. For the Graphics card, are you using the latest NVIDIA provided driver (HIGHLY preferred), the vendor supplied driver, or even worse from Windows Update? Again you really need to use drivers directly from the Nvidia Support Site. I recommend the Studio drivers as they tend to be more stable as they are created for Production use like EW rather than optimised for games. I know that some people disagree with that but either the Studio or Game Ready drivers are much better than the ones from Windows Update.

We are running a Ryzen system at our Church with no issues, lag, or stutter. It's a Ryzen 3600, a B550 chipset motherboard, 16 gigs (2x8) 3200 ram in Dual Channel Mode, a PCI-E NVME SSD, and a 1660Ti. Your system should be noticeably faster than ours if it's properly configured. 

EW Support Personnel like Terry might have some additional ideas about things to try. I'm just an EW user doing what I can to help other EW users, especially on weekends. I don't have access to all of the technical information they have access to.

A couple of other things to look into is to open Task Manager and keep it open on the control screen and watch high high the CPU and the GPU go when running a schedule. That could narrow down if it's the cpu or gpu usage that's causing the issue.

Also look at what your transition settings are. I have no idea what EW defaults to these days, but we have found that the Blend with a 0.50 second time seems to run the most smoothly. It's possible that somehow the timings were changed to something longer that is causing some of, if not all of the issue. That setting is found under Edit - Options - Transitions. Click on the type of transition to see options for timing, etc.

Thank you Donal I really appreciate the help. All the tips/information you gave me managed to help me fix it. All I had to do after everything you told me to check out was delete the program and re-downloaded it and everything is running smoothly! I’m extremely thankful!

Glad to hear it. And thanks for letting us know. 

Hey all (I'm speaking on behalf of account holder),

Since there were some looking for confirmation of EW performance on AMD hardware.  Running the below configuration and we had some horrible lag and stuttering initially but worked out a problem that turned out rather unrelated to the specific hardware.

CPU:   AMD Ryzen 5 5600G
GPU:   AMD Radeon RX7600

RAM:   32GB (4x 8GB) 3200MHz
OS:   Windows 11 23H2 (Build 22631.3447)
EW:   Version 7 Build

EW was very slow to start and interact with, and moving between song lyric slides caused background animations to freeze then stutter into a delayed slide transition.

The thing to ensure along with above is to ensure EW is running as administrator.  We had checked everything else and nothing changed but quickly gave that a go and bam!  Running smooth as butter and snappy response as expected.

SOLUTION CHECKLIST:  (not exhaustive list - just quick things to try)

- Run EW as administrator

- Set to "Real Time" priority in processes
- Set power management to "High Performance"

- Ensure latest chipset and GPU drivers are installed from here:   https://www.amd.com/en/support/download/drivers.html

I hope with all the solutions here can help with most issues.

God bless!


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