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Training videos for EasyWorship software.

Getting Started (11)

Watch through this playlist and learn everything you need to know to Go Live!

How To's (28)

Ready to learn more? This playlist goes more in-depth with easy-to-follow training.

Full Features (3)

Get detailed training on full features in EasyWorship like Alerts, Remote App and Collections.

Get The Look! (2)

We break down specific looks and show you how to make them in EasyWorship software.

Reviews (4)

Find out what we think about some of the hardware and software we've tested with EasyWorship.

  • Getting Started
  • Registering EasyWorship
  • Building A Schedule
  • Presentation Designer
  • Creating Themes
  • Checking For Updates
  • Purchasing And Installing Bibles
  • Secondary Monitor Setup
  • Display Foldback
  • So Long PowerPoint!
  • How To Install EasyWorship
  • How to use the Stream Deck plug-in with EasyWorship
  • Live Stream EasyWorship To Social Media w/ OBS
  • Live Stream EasyWorship To Social Media w/ vMix
  • Using EasyWorship with ATEM Mini Pro
  • MIDI: Using EasyWorship with Playback App
  • MIDI: Using EasyWorship with Prime App
  • Creating A Countdown Clock
  • How To Add Songs
  • How To Change Backgrounds
  • How To Change Interface Color
  • How To Create Lower Thirds Text
  • Creating An Announcement Loop
  • Update Local Computer / Check For Changes
  • Hide / Un-Hide Bibles
  • Presentation Loop Logo
  • Show Scripture Reference Only
  • Creating a Schedule Presentation / Slideshow
  • How To Add Media
  • How To Edit Media Properties
  • How To Separate Song Slides
  • How To Attach Audio To A Song
  • How To Auto Capitalize Words
  • How To Add / Remove Demo Data
  • Presentation Themes
  • Song And Scripture Search
  • How To Set The Logo
  • How To Import Lyrics From SongSelect
  • How To Schedule A YouTube Video
  • Alerts
  • EasyWorship Remote App
  • Collections
  • How To Use Bright Summer Backgrounds
  • Fullness, by Elevation Worship
  • EasyWorship Reviews eGPUs (Razer Core X Chroma)
  • EasyWorship reviews the Stream Deck
  • EasyWorship Reviews the ATEM Mini Pro
  • EasyWorship Reviews HDMI to SDI Cross Converters
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