List of previously implemented features from this page.

Implemented Features:

You can find a full list of features added to EasyWorship and bug fixes at the following link.


New for version 7:


Output Option For Newtek NDI.

App to remote access and use EW.

Change UI Color?.

Implemented on version 6:

Alerts on Foldback.

Allow the title field of a new or edited song to accept a paste.

View Foldback from Control Screen.

Summary View without icon.

PowerPoint button return.

Scrolling message in EW6.

Double click to live override.

Schedule hotkeys.

Scripture tab follows live.

Bible Search Remember Verse.

Capitalizing first letter of a line.

Make the Song number available for searching and sorting.

Check for Changes.

(Check for Changes - Import song from schedule into the database.)

Mouse Scrolling.

Countdown Timer overlay.

Real time PP update is missing.

Copy and Paste Shortcuts in the Song Editor.

Linear text editing for songs.

Option to Increasing spacing between label and song/scripture text.

Preview Window.

Nursery Alerts.

Support for OpenType fonts (.otf).

Scrolling Message.

Ledger View with Color coding.

Auto rotate photos.

Option to toggle audio on or muted.

Song List Print and CCLI Reporting.

Reinstate Up/Down Move buttons for schedule items.

Foldback Countdown.


Update on the 'Check for Changes' Feature.

Browse for profile on network (browser window).

Restore Message Alert (and Scrolling).

Sort Songs by Song Number.

Foldback Alert.

Storing Nursery Alerts.

Scripture tray to show next verse in line.

Duplicate Slide.

Statistics on song usage.

Can for the scripture reference the title be taken (see EW 2009).

Custom Song Part Label Support, Expansion of Label Matching.

Allow selection of a default bible.

individual Scripture labeled.

allow to delete or re-order slides in Schedule.

Correct focus once Scripture Selected.

Need more options for songs in schedules.

Search Song Library by CCLI#.

Inspector window - text formatting options.

Better Integration with CCLI.

Feature Request: Bible in Schedule.


Remote Viewing.

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