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This is a very important tool from EW 2009. I would like to be able to add songs in EW6 from the schedule into the database without having to rewrite the song.

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When adding a song from a hymnal, I will save the song with the page number before the title. I then add the song to the schedule, change the title to the page number behind the title, and then Check For Schedule Changes, and import the different titled song into the database.

So, if the choir director announces to sing a song by page number or by title, I can find it quickly and display it.

Or, if I add a couple of songs to the database at home, I save the new songs in a schedule on a flash drive, open the schedule on the church computer, and use Check Schedule For Changes to quickly import them into the database without rewriting them.

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This is a duplicate request. Please vote at the following thread.

This feature has been implemented.