Alternate Output is almost here!

You've been asking and we've been listening. 
Coming soon to EasyWorship subscription: Alternate Output will finally be here to make your livestreaming even easier! Use the Main Output for your songs and sermons, Foldback for whoever is on stage, and Alternate Output for environmental in-house projection OR to give your online viewers a different display. It's entirely up to you. We love giving you as many options as possible so you can create the best worship experience for your church.

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Not yet. They would have made a post about it if it was.

Thanks for asking about it. The update for now is that we hoped to have the Beta out by now, but we have hit a couple of snags during in-house testing and our developers are trying to get a couple of major bugs fixed before we release it as a beta. Thanks for your patience as we work these out. I will definitely post here when we release it for Beta testing.

They are keeping you guys busy today Dan. Questions seem to be coming out of the woodwork.

Yes. Thanks for your help Don!

No problem. I have more time than money these days.

Hi Everyone,
The highly anticipated Alternate Output Beta is almost ready for testing. It should be available on Monday, April 12. If you would like to be a beta tester, you can join our private FB group for beta testing. You must have a current subscription to be able to test the beta. There will be questions when you join the group that HAVE to be answered in order to be approved. If the questions are not answered, you will not be approved to join the beta testing group. We can't wait to have you all try it out! Here is the link to the private group if you want to join! 

Just a reminder that you need to answer the questions that come up when you ask to join the beta group (from my previous reply above). If we can't verify that you have a current subscription, or if you don't answer the questions, your request will be denied. So, when answering the email question, please make sure you enter the correct email address that your subscription license is registered under.

Hi Dan, I would like to join but I don't do Facebook, We will definitely be using the 4th Output but not totally sure if is going to give me what I want, We have the Campus Annual Subscription.

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