Alternate Output is almost here!

You've been asking and we've been listening. 
Coming soon to EasyWorship subscription: Alternate Output will finally be here to make your livestreaming even easier! Use the Main Output for your songs and sermons, Foldback for whoever is on stage, and Alternate Output for environmental in-house projection OR to give your online viewers a different display. It's entirely up to you. We love giving you as many options as possible so you can create the best worship experience for your church.

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Thanks, Dan, this is very helpful...

I need to talk and share about this on our Production Team Livestreaming...

is this available as a beta to test?

This will be available for subscription users to beta test soon.

We are absolutely ready to test.  I would like to be notified as soon as it is available.  thank you.

This is great news, exited to try it out. 

How will it work with the alpha channel feature? 

Thanks Dan and Softouch, this is tremendous news, looking forward to testing it. Will this allow for simultaneous use to four separate outputs from our graphics card?

Margaret Adams, the alpha channel will work with the new alternate output.

David Ramage, the alternate output will be separate from the other outputs, so you can have 1. your control screen 2. your main output (FOH) 3. foldback 4. alternate output. And if you're using alpha channel on the main output and/or the alternate output, that would require a separate video port for each one. So if you're not using any alpha channel or NDI, and you want to use all the outputs, then Yes, it would be 4 separate outputs on your video card.

 So how is this going to work for a Church that purchased EW7 outright? Is there going to be an addon that they can purchase to add it to their release? Our Church has a strict "buy software outright" policy and refuses to "rent" software month to month.

Any new feature that is added to the current version of EW will only be available to subscribers until we release the next full version. So when the next full version is released, you will have the option to purchase that and it will include any added features from EW7.

What does that mean to be a subscriber, please.  We have a campus license, I just don't know what the terminology means to be a subscriber.

When you purchase EW, you have the option to get a one-time purchase of a campus or single projector license or you can purchase a subscription and pay a monthly or annual fee. One of the benefits to purchasing the subscription is that you get all the new features that are released as soon as we release them.

Thank you I understand now.  If there is any chance that we can purchase the one feature, I'd be interested, but between purchasing the full program less than a year ago and just having to upgrade our computer to address the need for streaming, we're not buying a completely new program.

Steve, I sent you an email.

Thanks for that news Dan. We really need this feature. Any new features are always welcome.

How long before release?