No output from Monoprice Splitter

My church installed Easy Worship 6 about 10 years ago using a Monoprice 1x8 HDMI Amplifier Splitter (MHSP0108E) taking the HDMI output from Windows 10 laptop and providing 8 CAT-5 cables out to various monitors using HDMI Extender Receivers.  We had no problems for years.  

We moved to the fellowship hall during COVID-19 where we only used one HDMI monitor with no problems.  When we returned to the sanctuary, the splitter wouldn't work.  We assumed that the splitter was broken, so we replaced it with no improvement.  We stopped using any video display at all. 

Has anyone else used this Monoprice splitter?  Do you have a driver that might work?  I can't get any help from  

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Have you tried different cables?

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