What is the best computer to use with EasyWorship?

EasyWorship doesn't recommend a specific computer, but we do recommend certain hardware for EasyWorship to function properly.

You can check out the full system requirements HERE.

If you do have any questions about hardware that you're looking to purchase or that you already have, you are welcome to ask those here.

You can also ask other community members if they have any experience with any of the hardware you're wanting to buy so you can have confidence that you're choosing the right thing.

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Completely ignore the Minimum Requirements as they are NOT sufficient for the latest releases of EW7. If you want to use 7.2.x.x start with the Recommended Specs. And using a spinning rust hard drive is just asking for issues if you are running Windows 10. With Win 10 an SSD becomes a requirement for smooth running. Do NOT let anyone tell you different. 

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