What is the best computer to use with EasyWorship?

EasyWorship doesn't recommend a specific computer, but we do recommend certain hardware for EasyWorship to function properly.

You can check out the full system requirements HERE.

If you do have any questions about hardware that you're looking to purchase or that you already have, you are welcome to ask those here.

You can also ask other community members if they have any experience with any of the hardware you're wanting to buy so you can have confidence that you're choosing the right thing.

The 3700U and memory should be fine. The 5400 rpm hdd will be a problem as it won't run Windows well, let alone EasyWorship (anyone who tries to tell you different doesn't know what they are talking about). You need a Solid State Drive to run Windows 10 or 11 properly. Fortunately they aren't that much more than the old spinning rust hdd that these come with.

The biggest problem is with the graphics. The AMD Vega 10 Graphics barely meet the minimum specs for projecting at 720p. Plus it won't be able to handle a foldback screen.

Something that meets or exceeds the Recommended Specs on the following link. But essentially you need a Gaming computer to handle the graphics needs.


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