We want to make sure you to have the best experience possible, so we've compiled a list of system requirements to ensure your computer is up to the task. However, we recommend trying EasyWorship on your current computer before purchasing new equipment. Don't forget to check out the Unsupported Hardware & Software list at the bottom of the page. Look for the



4K displays & 4K content


HD, Foldback, Video Feeds, Alpha Channel, NDI, PowerPoint


Basic Use
Desktop ComputerDesktop / Laptop ComputerDesktop / Laptop Computer


  • To check the hardware specifications of your computer:  1. Go to start and type in dxdiag. 2. Open the DXDiag app and you'll see the CPU, RAM and Video card information about your computer. 3. Use this information to compare your computer with the system requirements page. 
  • Use the userbenchmark.com comparison page to determine if your hardware is adequate to run EasyWorship.
  • EasyWorship uses the Windows Extended Desktop for displaying live output to front of house, foldback and alpha channel monitors. This is different than cloning or duplicating what you see on your screen to a projector or tv. 
  • Desktop computers will need a control screen and an output (front of house) screen attached to the video card. Additional Foldback and Alpha channel connections will be required if these features are used. 
  • Laptop computers have a built in monitor, so you will only need to connect the front of house screen to the laptop. Foldback and Alpha channel connections may require the use of a Matrox DualHead2Go.
  • If your video card doesn't have appropriate ports for connecting existing cabling, you may be able to buy an adapter to make the conversion. Click Here to see the video adapter chart if you need to convert to existing cabling.

Video Capture Devices:

A video capture device allows you to bring a video signal into the computer for processing. EasyWorship will then rebroadcast the video that the capture card receives, adding other content such as text.
Video capture requires a computer that meets "Recommended" requirements.

We have tested & verified the following video capture devices will work with EasyWorship. 

Unsupported Software & Hardware:

 The following list of software & hardware are NOT Supported.

OS & SoftwareVideo CardsAdaptersStorage Devices
Operating Systems
  • Windows XP & Vista
  • Windows 10s or Starter
  • Linux
  • Mac OSX

Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Box
  • VMWare
  • Parallels
  • Wine
  • Citrix
  • USB Video Adapters
  • USB Wireless Video Adapters
  • NVIDIA Quadro or NVS
  • ATI / AMD Fire Pro
  • Matrox C, G, M, MMS and P
  • Using Onboard & Dedicated graphics cards at the same time
  • USB Docking Stations 
  • USB Port Replicators
  • Wireless Projectors / Monitors
  • Network Projectors / Monitors
  • Casting to Streaming devices
Cloud Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive
NAS drive

  • External Hard Drive