Hello EasyWorhip Users

Below is a link for the newest update for EasyWorship 7 ( Beta), which includes the following fixes and enhancements.

Currently, this is only available to you as a manual download.

If you have any issues with this new build, please reply here or contact support at support@easyworship.com.

EasyWorship Beta

Fixed: Unable to print out scheduled report. The options are grayed out

Fixed: Marked in and out videos could stutter at end position and sometimes not stop playing

Fixed: Upgrading to 7.4 resets most Alternate Output configuration settings to defaults

Fixed: Audio and video don't stay in sync on long videos

Fixed: Foldback could stop updating

Fixed: Issues with webm video clips

Fixed: Undo can lead to error messages during editing in some circumstances

Fixed: Updated Android Remote to fix various issues

Enhancement: Improved PowerPoint presentation stability

Enhancement: Added: Profiles > Utilities > Clear Thumbnail Cache

Enhancement: Automatically prevent screen saver and sleep mode while Live

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The down arrow no longer works after upgrading to  Of course, the mouse can be used to advance through a live song but many users including myself prefer using the down arrow key.

You can reset the hotkeys file you were previously using by following the steps in this article.

Revert Hotkeys

What are the new features in this version?

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