Cannot import lyrics from SongSelect to EasyWorship song database

EasyWorship Version: 6

EasyWorship Build Number: 4.8

Operating System: Windows 10

CPU type & speed: HP TouchSmart 520 PC

Amount of system memory (RAM):1.79 TB

Free hard drive space: 188 GB used

Graphics card model: don't know

Graphics card memory: don't know

Capture card if applicable: don't know

How is your computer connected to the output screen(s)? not applicable - use home computer to prepare the EasyWorship presentation for church laptop

Description of the bug:

How was your service impacted? When I try to import lyrics of a song from the SongSelect service, the EasyWorship schedule I am creating disappears - I am "bumped out" of EasyWorship

How was your preparation time impacted? I have had to cut and paste lyrics found on the Internet

Step by step instructions on how to reproduce the bug: Identify the song on SongSelect; choose the lyric icon; choose "import" (top right hand corner of the screen); EasyWorship shuts down

3 people have this problem

On Dec. 29th Microsoft released security update KB3132372 in order to mitigate security risks associated with Adobe flash player. This update has been reported to cause crashing in many programs like incredimail, HP Printing and Scanning software, Skype and EasyWorship. Our developers are aware of the issues this update has caused and are working to find a solution as soon as possible. Until then, you can use the following work around for adding Songs to your database from SongSelect. Youtube functionality will return when the issue is resolved either by Microsoft or our Developers. Thank you for your patience as we work to resolve this issue.

Importing Songs From SongSelect (Work Around)

Open your web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox...)
Go to and log in. 
Find the song you wish to import and click the lyrics button next to the song. 
Click on the Copy button to the left of print, download and Email. 
Open EasyWorship
Click on the songs tab
Click the plus button at the bottom of songs to create a new song. 
When the song editor window appears, right click in the label field and click paste. 
Click OK to save the song into your database. 

This was fixed by a Windows update See this post