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MAC Version

Any plans on having a mac version of easyworship.

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MAC version is currently in Development.

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I realy looking forward to a Mac version, Especially now there is a IOS app

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Hello! How soon can we get the EW for Mac friends? Would reall love to have an update on this. Our home will start in Zurich Switzerland by October 7th. Cheers and God bless!

The MAC version is still a ways off from being released. We will post updates on our forum as we have more information to provide on the release of a MAC version.

Thanks Fred, appreciate your update. Cheers!

any updates on Mac version?

I've purchased a Mac for my personal and church use. I'd love to keep using EW. I see that 2 years ago EW was working on a Mac version. Any updates? Thanks.


It is still in the works. But there is not any update that I can give you. 

I was assured there would be a Mac Version soon maybe ten years ago.  I've given up on the Mac Version,even though it's the easiest platform around.  Sorry to see the promise, but no reportable movement on it.

For now, I've moved on. I bought a MacBook Pro and I'm running Pro Presenter. Still running EasyWorship on the PCs at church. Not sure if that will change.

I really do like EasyWorship, however, I'm really liking ProPresenter as well.

Here's to hoping for a Mac version EW soon.

I keep coming to this looking for any beta testing or news at all really.

Any update on this?????

I think it is dead.  They repeatedly stated they were working on it and it was coming but nothing has come to the purchasers.  Not good! This has been years.,

The mac version isn't dead. Our developers are spending the majority of their time working on it. 

We do not have a date or timeline of release yet from them, but it is definitely being worked on.

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