how to add new jpg to media

 I like to use just colored background in announcements but I can not get the solid color jpg load with out having a black

bar on top and bottom.  Any help would be appreciated.

Also I have Microsoft power point 2019 and when I put them in easy worship they have a black bar at top and bottom on every slide. thank you for help.

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First, make sure that the PowerPoint presentation and the images are in the same aspect ratio as your display screens. It appears that you are trying to use a 16 x 9 aspect ratio image on a 4x3 aspect ratio screen. That would account for the black bars on the top and bottom. I haven't used EW6 or even had it installed in several years so I don't remember (and can't check) if there was a setting to to force images to display full screen or not in the options. That wouldn't apply to PowerPoints though.

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