[v6 General Discussion] Laptop screen shuts off

Running an Acer Aspire E-15, with three screens hooked up. All 3 plus the laptop screen shut off after about 2 minutes of no activity. I know this is a common problem with Windows 10 and have tried all of the "easy" solutions, about ready to try editing the registry! (eek!) The screen comes back on as soon as I touch the pad or press a key.

1. There isn't a setting in EW anywhere that might do this, right? Well, I was hoping....

2. I can live with the screen shutting off after 2 minutes, whatever is up there mustn't be important, and it will come back on when I put up a different slide. But now the screen is starting to come on again, during the service! Then off...on...see where I'm going!? Today as it came on I noticed something moving in the lower window, where the secretary had copied some scripture. The focus was on the upper window, so what was moving? So, now I'm wondering if this is all one problem with either the laptop or maybe EW, or if it's two problems, like maybe a loose key is waking it back up.

Has anyone had problems like this? I'm afraid to edit the registry if there's something else wrong with it.


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Saying all of the easy solutions isn't really helpful as none of us has a clue as to which specific solutions you have tried. Normally all one needs to do is go to Power and Sleep and set Sleep and Turn Off Display to never then turn off the screensaver.

As for part two, there are so many possibilities for this. Unfortunately without more information it's difficult to diagnose. What do you mean by lower window and upper window?

But it does sound like Windows isn't configured correctly or there is a hardware issue. I seriously doubt it's anything to do with EW.