Auto reporting to CCLI

Can we now report automatically to ccli from Easy worship? If so how?

In EW click on the SONG SELECT under the ONLINE area and then right click on a song and select INTEGRATION SETTINGS and then  ENABLE.

so once we plug-in the CCLI auto reporting, do we need to rebuild our song library to make sure they all have CCLI numbers?

What kind of order are the CCLI songs, it's not alphabetical from what I can tell.  Do we have to literally scroll through all the songs on the list to get to the songs we need?

For EW to be able to auto-report the songs you use, they will need to have the CCLI ID (song number) in the Info field under Inspector. If you import from SongSelect into EW, that is automatically added when the song is imported.

When you go to SongSelect in the Songs tab in EW, it will show the top 100 songs in that list. If you want to search for the song you want, you can click in the search field and type in the song name.

Thanks for the advice
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