[ANSWERED QUESTIONS] Folders used by EasyWorship

Hi Terry,

I bought EasyWorship for my church over 10 years ago, and it has proved an amazing resource. Thank you!

However one of the problems of moving up thru upgrades is that you sometimes bring unwanted 'old' folders with you. We still have a folder named v6.1.

Rather than me try and show you our file structure - what folder structure should we see in the C:/Users/Public/Documents/Softouch/... folders?

Many thanks


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That would depend on what versions you have installed. Probably best to just keep all of the folders inside the profile folder. I have 2009, 6, and 7 installed. EW7 seems to use the 6.1 folder which only contains configuration and database files from what I can tell. All of our actual pictures, videos, etc. are still in the old 2009 resources folder with 6 and 7 linking back to them. Terry or Roger may be able to go into more detail if you can get their attention.
v6.1 is still used by 7. That was a folder we could not change in order to allow customers to switch between version 6 and 7 without having to manually copy databases around to keep them all up to date. The resources folder is same as 2009. Technically in the folder structure, EasyWorship 6 and 7 only need V6.1 and Resources. Data and options were only used by 2007 and 2009 versions.
Thank you for that - appreciated. The reason for the question was one of space. I'm now using a 160 GB solid state disk for the C: drive to speed things up - but at the moment most the media seems to be located there. As the years pass by and NOTHING gets deleted, we're now down to about 3 GB spare and even Windows updates are being jeopardized.

I moved the Windows Temp directory to the D: drive, a 1 TB hard drive, which helps, and the Schedules and recordings go to the D: drive - but it's not enough. Help appreciated.