[v6 General Discussion] Import 2009 Song Data

I have installed EW6 on a new PC.

How do I import all my songs from EW2009?

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others will be able to give the technical advice but I think you'll need to copy your old EW2009 onto the new PC and point EW6 at it. First time EW6 runs pointed to the 'old' db it should ask you if you want to convert the old db. The message is a bit scary as it implies that you won't be able to use the old db anymore - this isn't true - it makes a new db. you will then have all your old songs available in EW6 albeit, you'll lose any backgrounds, the formatting and fonts will be changed etc. There's plenty of discussion on the forum about this and also how to import the old 2009 db into EW6
how do you point the ew6 to the old database ???
So if people do not like 6, we can still use 09?
Yes, but any song added to EW6 will have to be added to EW2009 separately.

What I don't know is whether the next version of EW6 will convert the EW2009 database again, i.e. lose all your additions to EW6 or if it will stick with the EW6 database.
I was also one scared off by the conversion message. Now I have to rebuild our entire song list, or download again from Song Select and go through months of mods.

I will try to do the conversion again. Right now we're having technical trouble getting EW to let us have the cheap upgrade, so we only have the demo copy.

My plan is to run 2009 and 6 concurrently for a few months. We have four regular volunteers and two backups who run the program. I want people to be able to bounce back to 2009 if they run into any problems, so obviously (as supervisor) I'll HAVE to make sure both databases are accurate.

One nice thing about the CCLI Song Select service is that both 2009 and 6 will import easily. So if we add a new song to 6 it's easy to just go back and add it to 2009 also. Custom songs are the issue, of course.

Our folks cycle through video duty every six weeks, for two weeks on at a time. They're not all teckies but they love to do the job, and that's why we have EW rather than Brand X. I wanna keep that going. I don't want to loose any of my people. Now all we have to do is get them all "eased" into the new version 6.

Seems like I've encountered a more serious issue...

I too wanted to run both concurrently, and with this week having no Wednesday service we decided it was a perfect time for a LONG overdue reloading of the EASY WORSHIP computer, with some upgrades, put on 6 and keep going. I backed up Easy Worship 09 to a thumb drive, and finally got through all the windoze updates (and people wonder why I've been a Mac guy ) Anyway. I logged onto Easy worhship to download 2009 and apparently when you click on that you actually are downloading Easy Worship 6! So I currently have no option to convert! Any ideas from anyone? Or even a way I can get a copy of 09?
Go to Support page: [url:1zwcgw5f]https://easyworship.com/support

Scroll down until you see link for EW2009 download.
Thanks Frank!

You are a true blessing and a lifesaver! I'm hoping to at least get 09 up and running again and worry about 6 next week or so...


I decided to put EW-6 onto my work computer, just to play around with it when downtime comes. There I did the song conversion from 2009 and it worked fine. Every song came in, albiet without backgrounds of course. No problem.

I think I like the new database arrangement. Sorting under "Collections" is great once you get used to setting up the Collections. Up high in the window you have

All Songs

which is where EVERYTHING YOU HAVE is located, raw and unsifted. Then below, under COLLECTIONS, I have set our up this way:

Black Slide
Communion Stills
Welcome Slides
Worship Songs

The collection "Black Slide" has only one "song", which is just a black slide. We tend to use that a lot rather than the Black button, because we usually know when we're going to black anyhow. The rest of it is pretty common sense, and covers everything WE do on a regular Sunday morning.
how do you point the ew6 to the old database ???

Any idea on this?

Nevermind, found it.
How do you point EW6 to EW2009?

The images came across automatically but Songs have stayed where they are and cannot find obvious route.

can you tell me what you did please ?
i have tried a variety of things none of them work
even the email i got from easyworship the other day did not work

thanks in advance
I assume you have the location of your EW 2009 profile that you want to import (if not check it in the Profile Manager in EW 2009).

You just have to close all applications - both EW2009 and EW6. You need to exit from the EW6 helper (check your status bar to see if the helper is running. If it is, right click and select "Exit". If it is not, check in the Task Manager that it is really not running (make sure there is no EasyWorshipHelper.exe running in your processes tab).

Go to the location of your EW 2009 profile, you should be able to find an additional folder with something like "v6.B.1" as the folder name. Remove that folder (as in delete it). If your EW6 profile name and EW 2009 profile name is the same and was pointing to the same location, then it should automatically ask if you want to convert it when you start EW6. If not, then you need to make sure you create a new profile with the same name as the EW2009, set as existing, and point to the EW2009 profile location. When you click ok, it should go to the created profile, and then ask if you want to convert it.

I have just spent three hours trying to get the import to work and it does not. Here is what is happening:

1. EW2009 is installed, databases are okay, and I have done a rebuild database. Everything looks good.

2. I delete the v6.1 folder and close the EW6Helper.

3. Start EW6 and it opens with the Profile Editor. The v6.1 folder is created. There is a singe profile called "Defualt_1" which is not selected.

4. In the profile editor, touching any key on the keyboard at anytime causes EW6 to error with "Access Violation 0049862B in module 'EasyWorship.exe'. Read of address is 00000258." Even pressing the shift key causes this to occur so I cannot enter a different directory name or rename the profile. This is 100% consistent - it ALWAYS happens.

5. Kill EW6 and start again.

6. Select "Default_1" and click "Switch To". I then click "Convert Data". Icon spins for a few seconds and then stops.

7. "Default_1" is still not selected. I can repeat the "Switch To" process forever and the conversion never occurs.

8. Click "Close." EW6 is not open but the entire app screen is grep. The only buttons in the menu are "File", "Profiles" and "Help".

9. The profiles menu has two options: "Default_1" and "Profiles Manager...". Default_1 is NOT ticked.

10. Select "Default_1" and once again I get an offer to convert the database. Clicking "Convert Data" makes the icon spin for a few seconds then returns to the grey desktop. "Default_1" is NOT selected.

11. Go into "Profiles Manager.." and you get the same as before. "Switch To" offers to convert but does not. Entering any key whatsoever causes EW6 to crash.

If I choose to NOT convert I get a new, working, empty profile WITHOUT any of my data. It is selected in the "Profiles" menu. "Default_1" is still there and any attempts to select it result in failed conversion attempts (as before).

Can anyone tell me how to import my song data???