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We are planning on playing YouTube videos as a part of our worship program using Easy Worship 7. When I go to the web tab and try going to YouTube, it tells me the browser needs to be updated. After updating the browser (Internet Explorer) it still says an update is needed. I have also tried a couple of other browsers, with the same result. Any suggestions?

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EW is hard coded to use Internet Explorer which is no longer supported by YouTube. At the present time EW hasn't released an update to fix this issue so there is no way to play a YouTube video directly thru EW at this time. EW is aware of the problem and state they are working on it, but they haven't released any timeframe on when that will be released or if it will be a free update or one you have to pay for. They haven't even stated whether it will be an updated EW7 or if we have to wait for EW8. They've known about this issue with IE for several years and have really dropped the ball on this big time.

You can try to download the videos to your hard drive and play them from there. There are a lot of different tutorials for doing that on the internet. Otherwise you would need to use one of the supported browsers directly to play the videos by dragging the browser to the display screen and playing it from there.