How do I use a different presentation background for alt output?

I've set my default presentation theme for alternative output.  That works great.  But for a slide that uses a different background/slide for a theme how do I set that up?

Thanks in advance!


Unfortunately, you can only have one of each Theme (Presentation, Scripture or Song) in a schedule unless you change the alt default theme manually. Hopefully this will change in a later release. We think alt output could have been made a lot easier than it presently is.  

Thanks David, to confirm, in a given schedule I can only have one theme "active" even if I don't set a default for prezo, scripture, song???

Related Q, I have set a default theme for presentation and have (for example) Lord's Prayer using that theme in the regular output.  When I view that slide in alt-output the text doesn't use the auth-size settings in the primary output.  I can't figure out how to make the alt-output text larger (even visible).  Primary output text is about 90 point but the alt-output is I think 12 point...

Make sense?

Thanks again,


Hi Owen, yes only one of each active Alt Theme.

Are you using a content only slide(s) in the theme, if you click on it then change the size of the text box? I would doubt you will get the full Lord's prayer in a single slide. We use song Themes for lower 3rd which gives four lines of readable text and presentation Themes on upper third giving 3 lines of larger text. You can take the text off of auto and increase the point size but it all depends on the size of your text box.

We struggled with Themes using Alt Output too but Dan Willard went over it with me using a video.

See ATEM Mini Pro and EasyWorship 7.3.11 about 7th message down attached video is called '04.11.2021_16.24.24_REC.mp4'


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