Alpha channel and Roland V1 HD


For our live streaming we are using a Roland V1 HD. At the moment we use a copy of the front of house signal(see picture bottom left) and we key out the black to overlay the text. But it would be much easier if could you the alpha channel function for this. So we are testing with that. But the output from the alpha channel shows very 'blurry' text(see picture bottom right).

Does someone knows how to fix this?

That is the alpha key. You have to create either an upstream key or downstream key for it. I have not used the Roland V1 HD so I wouldn't know exactly how to do it for that.

After googling it, it looks like it might be in Effects.

I found a fix to this one. I am using the same ROLAND VR-1HD and it was blurry for alpha channel. Email me at if you still need the fix.


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