[v6 General Discussion] EW doesn't recognize elgato capture device

I am looking at purchasing EasyWorship today. One thing I could not get to work over the weekend is building my camera feed into the schedule. I have a video camera that is connected to the system via a HDMI video capture device available in most big retail stores called an Elgato HD60. OBS recognizes the video capture feed and I could use OBS to combine my EW screen and the feed from the camera device, but I'd rather do the combination in EW and use OBS to send that screen out to YouTube. Then the in room projectors could have the view of the speaker as well as his slides. If the combination is done in OBS then only those watching on the stream have that option.

Is there any reason why the hd60 can't being recognized as a video capture feed? My Logitech c920 works fine. I am fairly certain I tried adding the source with and without OBS open. I can retest later today. I'd love any thoughts on this..

Windows 7 Home Premium btw. (Some how I missed upgrading the sound booth to Win 10.. bah..)

(BTW I don't like that the forum is using my email address as my username. I created the account from the software and it knows my first and last name and should be using it as the display name. I managed to logout of the forum and create a NEW account from the website and it did the same thing. There was no prompt for a separate user name. Even logging out was a struggle in and of itself because phpbb is getting info from the root easyworship.com cookie and insisted I was still logged in here despite logging out from the forum. Your theme really should support a display name. So after you answer this question I'll have to delete this post to keep the email address from being scraped regularly unless you can help with this.. I see most everyone else has a username that is not their email address. So it worked at some point..)

We haven't tested the elgato device.
We have a list of capture devices we know will work with EasyWorship on our System Requirements page.
Here's the link.
https://support.easyworship.com/support ... 6000047711
Thanks Roger. That helps some. Unfortunately it doesn't look like any of them support USB 2.0 which is what I have available atm.

From everything I can see Blackmagic Design Intensity Shuttle is USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt. So I am out of luck for now unless you have any other suggestions...
I was also shocked that EW Forum uses the email address as username publicly, what about privacy regarding contact detalis?!

I don't mind but some people surely do, it's not even mentioned and I only discovered it later on lol

It's 2018 and it seems SoftTouch didn't seem to have change anything regarding this and I'm wondering if there is any good reason for this or perhaps they just don't have time to fix this because they are "too busy" with software development.

Anyway I was also curious about elgato and again suprised SoftTouch does not bother to test this?

Just like I posted about Intel vs AMD CPU / Nvidia vs AMD GPU the same thing is true for video capturing cards that currently the mainstream what people buy is either a [b]Elgato Game Capture HD60 S / PRO[/b] since it's out for longer and has onboard H.264 encoding that takes the load off the CPU vs [b]AVerMedia Live Gamer HD 2[/b] that has no H.264 encoding onboard but slightly cheaper.

Oh and why? Because too many negative comments and issues with Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4k card :P Maybe some of them more relating to recording+streaming games but it's still strange, even the BM build quality apparently is not so good and the fan very loud. That's why I'm leaning towards Elgato Capture Card instead.

Are you at least considering to make the effort to buy simply those two cards to test it and support it in the current EW 7 please?

I just wanted to update you on our efforts to help our customers out on the capture card front.

I contacted Elgato to see if they would provide test samples. They would not, so I purchased the Cam Link 4K and Game Capture HD60 Pro. I'm waiting on them to get here.

I also purchased a no name brand hdmi usb 3.0 capture card for $79.99

It seems to be working with our test system on EasyWorship 7.

I also contacted PTZOptics regarding their USB PTZ Cameras. They did a test with their USB camera on EasyWorship 7 and it works as well.

PTZOptics also makes NDI cameras that can be brought into EasyWorship 7 as a feed.
We did testing on two Elgato Cards. Please see the results at the following link.