[v6 General Discussion] Powerpoint Go Live very slow

Anyone else having this problem? It takes about 5-6 seconds for a powerpoint file to go live. After that I can click between slides in the powerpoint presentation and it's immediate, but the initial loading of the file is really long. I updated to 6.1.7 yesterday.

We have had the same problem with the built in presentations editor, and transitioning between songs - though it's a 2-3 delay for us, which is more manageable. I thought it was a known issue with AMD video cards, and I thought the update to 1.7 was supposed to fix it, but apparently not.
The speed of PowerPoint going live is the time it takes to load the PowerPoint program and start the slideshow.
The speed will vary depending on the size of the slideshow and speed of the computer.

Does it seem to go live faster with song that have less slides or when going live with a scripture?
I'm not completely sure, however I do know that we notice the delay even when transitioning to a 1-slide presentation with only text. I have never noticed the delay to be shorter/longer depending on what we're doing.
Can you provide the system specs for the computer?
One of our customers recently posted that they forced EasyWorship 6 to reconvert their database and they noticed a speed up.
If you converted from EasyWorship 2009, you can go to c:\users\public\public documents\softouch\easyworship\default or other profile folder\v6.1\databases
rename data and reopen EW 6. Allow it to convert the database and see how it behaves after that.
Mine was faster without converting database and forcing another conversion didn't noticeably speed the display up any further.
I can try that, however I do not understand why reconverting the database would have any effect on how quickly EasyWorship can pull up a presentation - the two would seem to have nothing to do with each other.
Reconverting the database appears to have had no effect. It isn't a terrible delay if you know it's going to happen, but it's long enough, as one of our techs put it, that you start wondering "did I actually click that or not?"

It's a homebuilt computer, Windows 8.1 64-bit, 8 GB RAM, AMD FX-6300 six core processor 3.5 GHz, AMD Radeon R7 200 Series video card running three displays. Plenty of power, worked without any delay in EasyWorship2009.
Please send me a couple of your PowerPoint slideshows so do some tests.
The first slideshow I go live with takes about 4 seconds.
Others take less depending on how big they are.
I'm using the following specs.
Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4 GHz
4 GB DDR 2 Memory
SamSung SSD
AMD 6670
Windows 8.1

We have an all amd system like yours. I'll do some tests on it too.
I'm wondering if the delay is coming from how long it takes to load PowerPoint.
You might check the task manager and see when PowerPoint.exe starts and how long after that the slideshow starts.
I have the same delay issue, 5-6 seconds. Very annoying.
Rodger, here are our specs:
Intel i5 3.4 GHz
Windows 7-64 bit
Crucial SSD
GeForce GTX 750 Ti, driver 347.52

I've already converted the database.

I've also tested with one very simple test slide, and the delay was still just as long.
For PowerPoint it will take longer due to loading PowerPoint and then loading the slideshow and displaying it.
You can make a change in options under advanced to use the PowerPoint viewer, however it it not recommended due to limitations imposed by Microsoft.
I'll create a ticket for our developers to take a look at it and see if they can speed up the process.
What happens if PowerPoint program is loaded and minimized before loading EW6? That should help PowerPoint load times in EW6.
What happens if PowerPoint program is loaded and minimized before loading EW6? That should help PowerPoint load times in EW6.

Thanks GRBC Media, that does help.
Not making any difference here. 8 secs from Go Live to image appearing first time and 4 secs if I go to a song verse and then return to the PowerPoint.

And that is the same whether or not I have loaded PowerPoint first.

Intel 2.8GHz Quad core and an ATI Radeon 4600 series card.