[ANSWERED]Extract video from schedule

Given that there is no link between an EW schedule and the EW database, is there any way to extract a video clip which has been packed with a schedule on the church PC. I want the video on my home PC to use again. Of course it downloads and plays within the schedule but I want to have it as a stand-alone video clip on my home PC so that I can incorporate it into a future EW schedule. I know I can delete all the content except the video from the schedule and add new songs etc and give the schedule a new name, but I'd really rather have the video clip itself and wondered if it can be reclaimed from within the schedule? (And I know of course that I can go over to the church, save the clip from C:UsersPublicDocumentsSoftouchEasyworshipDefaultResourcesVideos on the church PC onto a memory stick, but I hoped there might be a quicker and easier way.)

You can re-name the extension of the Easyworship schedule file from .EWSX to .ZIP and then open the zip and open the media folder and copy the video from there.
Thank you.