[ANSWERED]blank underline in presentation

I'm trying to create a presentation for Sunday. The sermon notes say
Guard your xxxxxxx (4 times) - the x's needing to be a blank line. How do I insert a blank line?
I've tried clicking underline and space bar. Tabbing it with underlining. Highlighting the area and then clicking underline. None of the above works. Any other suggestions? Thanks!


I think you just need to use a space bar to enter a blank space.
Interesting request.
If you type a word in the text editor, select Underline and then enter spaces, the cursor moves in the editor window, but without the underlining. The text stays in the middle of the preview window (center align) without the spaces.
Now add a full stop, and the underlined spaces appear with the text and and in the preview window with the full stop at the end.
Remove the full stop and the preview window removes the underlined spaces and shifts the text back to the center.

So it would appear that you cannot have underlined spaces at the end of a line without a following visible character.
Now if you could change the transparency of the last character, it could be made to disappear.

In the old 2009 version for whatever reason the text editor allowed you to do this. This is not a normal function of text editors and was probably a bug.

I tested Word and PowerPoint and you cannot underline blanks spaces in any or these programs either. If you want to underline blank spaces all you would need to do is a shift underscore.__________