[ANSWERED]Copying Schedule to another computer

When I tried copying a schedule onto our Church computer it was missing the images that I had put into the schedule. The popup that you used to get in EW2009 (when opening a schedule) that allowed you to copy items into the database didn't appear. I've noticed that the schedule is a lot smaller than it would have been in EW2009.

I have the latest 1.9 build on my PC at home and tried to replicate this. After I built a schedule I removed one of the images from the database and then opened the schedule again. No popup and the image was missing when I did a Go Live and presented the schedule. The image was on a theme for a presentation as I have an announcement loop with the same picture on each slide. Am I doing something wrong?

EW6 embeds media in schedule all the time whereas in EW2009 it was optional. Currently EW6 doesn't offer to update local items from a schedule. My schedule for Sunday in EW2009 is 4.5 MB and EW6 IS 632 MB.
EasyWorship now offers the ability to turn off packing the schedule on the save as window. Check for Changes has not been implemented at this time, but it is on our radar. We have posted an announcement regarding this feature.