[RESOLVED]Hide edit section output


can anyone please guide me on how to hide the output of easyworship when making changes to a song? This way the audience will not see the changes being made in the background. I know there is a way to do it but do not know how. I am using easyworship 2009.


If you are set up in Windows Extended Desktops then what you edit a song on your screen it should not show up on the live output screen.
thanks Terry. will try that and let you know.
Terry, I tried it and still does not work. i have an Nvidia video card. any other suggestion?
So when you edit a song the song editor box is opening on the other screen?

If that is the case then you just need to drag it over to the correct screen and make a change and then close the editor and it should then open on the correct screen.
i was able to fix it by going to display output options of easyworship and changed the output option to secondary monitor. thanks Terry.