[RESLOVED]Nothing Displaying in Live & Foldback areas

Just installed EW 6.5.5 on main sanctuary computer. The 2009 database converted easily and I'm able to create schedules and display them just fine on the main projectors and the foldback monitor. However, nothing is displaying in the Live and/or Foldback monitor areas of the EW desktop.

We are running on Windows 7 Professional with 4GB of RAM and the Intel 3.2GHz processor and an SSD drive. Our video cards are ATI Radeon HD 5450 and an ATI Radeon HD 4300/HD4500 series.

Is there a setting I can't find that will enable the output to be displayed within EW? I did training on three laptops for our volunteers and each of the laptops (none of which are particularly powerful) displayed the Live and Foldback output correctly inside EW.

We have EW 6.5.5 installed in two other rooms at our church with projectors and foldback monitors and they are displaying everything perfectly.

Appreciate any tips to help me out on this one. Thanks!


I think the issue is the video cards. Neither of these cards meet the system requirements for foldback. You need to have at least a Geforce GTX 650 or equivalent.

Thanks Terry.

I spoke with Eric in Tech Support and he suggested changing the desktop theme to the Windows 7 "Aero" theme to fix the rendering problem in the Live and Foldback areas inside EW - evidently this is a known issue with Windows 7 Pro. However, once that was fixed I noticed there is a definite lag between video and audio during playback of videos. I'm sure it is a graphics card issue (we have two other systems running EW 6.5.5 on newer computers and they both render videos just fine.) I'll be working with our PC supplier to come up with a replacement.

Thanks for your help - much appreciated!