[Tips & Tricks] Screen Stitching

Is it possible to stitch two projectors together to create one image using EasyWorship? I recently saw this done at a church I was visiting and they were using ProPresenter. We have been using EasyWorship for over 8 years and love the new upgrade. The link below shows what I'm talking about.


https://www.google.com/search?q=stage&t ... 60&bih=559

I was hoping this would have been part of EW 6 when it was released. Many churches are turning to PP because this function is available in that software.
EasyWorship will support triple wide resolutions. You can setup themes to place the text wherever you want it. EasyWorship won't do edge blending for you and right now it won't allow you to mirror the text boxes so you have two outer screens to display the same content with a center screen that displays something different. You would have to manually add text boxes to the song slides to make them mirror.
Is it possible, yes, but it's a little bit of work. Will this be better supported in the future? We plan to make it easier in the future.
[attachment=0:2eqymqzm]Screenshot 2017-02-27 10.17.41.png[/attachment:2eqymqzm]
How would I set up EW to triple wide or double wide display? Is this something that can be done in the EW settings and would I need to set the projectors in a particular way? It sounds interesting.
There are a few ways to get a triple wide display for EasyWorship.
If you are just playing around, you can go into options and set a custom position with a triple wide resolution.
You can also setup any song, presentation or theme to be triple wide by clicking on inspector in the editor, then selecting a triple wide aspect ratio under Presentation.
If you want to actually set it up on three screens, you'll need an NVIDIA graphics card that support four displays for triple wide or three displays for double wide. 1 screen is the control screen and the other three are the output screen.
You'll use the nvidia control panel to configure your surround or spanned display that stretches across either two or three displays.
You can find youtube videos that will walk you through setting this up.
Then open EasyWorship and go to options. Change the output monitor to the spanned display you setup in NVIDIA control panel.

The other option is to use the matrox TripleHead2Go connected to your video card output.
Windows will usually see the matrox as a triple wide display. If not, you'll have to instal the matrox software and configure the triple wide or double wide display.
Setting up EasyWorship is the same though. Just select the wide display as the output screen.
Please note that you need all of the spanned displays to be the same resolution or you will not be able to setup a spanned display.
Thanks. Something for the future for us I think. We use two projectors but one "piggy-backs" off the other so we'd need to run some more cables to achieve what you describe.