[Tips & Tricks] Adding Chinese to Easyworpsip

Is there a work around in using a web page like Biblegateway to bring in a Bible Verse or verses into Easyworship.

https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?s ... ersion=CUV

I can import Powerpoint songs that our Mandarin audio visual crew have. It's the Bible and showing the verses in a message.

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Thanks for posting about Chinese in EasyWorship. While we do not have the software in Chinese, as of last week we now have the CUVS bible available for free. Click the Scriptures tab. Click More Available and click download next to the Chinese Union Version (Simplified) bible to install it.
Is there a way to display a Bible verse in Chinese and English on the same FOH screen? Since we have two FOH screens at my church, even better would be the ability to display Chinese on one and English on the other simultaneously. Thanks

I just created a song and added two scriptures boxes. It can be done but it has to be set up manually for each slide. [attachment=0:1l3dd95g]two_bibles..png[/attachment:1l3dd95g]