[Tips & Tricks] Workaround for searching for words with international characters

A known issue with Easyworship 6 is that searching for songs containing "international" characters does not work. International characters meaning non-ascii characters.

It has been reported in the following posts:
https://support.easyworship.com/support ... 6000034316
https://support.easyworship.com/support ... 6000024088

I have found that there is a workaround... although a bit clumbsy, it can maybe remedy the situation a bit for the ones affected.

The search indexing function in Easyworship 6 has a bug that parses words with non-ascii characters wrongly.
What happens is that non-ascii characters causes a word-split, making words like Guð to be stored as two separate search keys. The split happens where the non-ascii character is.
Guð becomes Gu and ð.
So to find a song with has Guð in it, it will not work to use Guð in the search phrase. "Gu ð" will be the only possible way to search for songs containing Guð.

More examples:

"Evig er din nåde" will be stored in the search database with the following keywords:
Evig, er, din, n, åde

So to search for it, the search string should be like this:
Evig er din n åde
As the ordering does not matter, searching for "åde n din er evig" will produce the same result.

Phil Stoker can hopefully verify?

As for the second bug report (by Alfred Carlsson):

du har skapat mig och kä
Search instead for "du har skapat mig och k ä"
på vacklande ben
Search instead for "p å vacklande ben"
Jag vill vara här
Search instead for "Jag vill vara h är"
Låt mig präglas
Search instead for "L åt mig pr äglas"
jag vill vara här
Search instead for "jag vill vara h är"

Hopefully it makes sense.

Still everything is not well.
A downside to the error in the parsing function is that there are generated more and shorter keywords, making it necessary to type in more search words then would otherwise be required.