Search function does not work for international characters?

EasyWorship Version: 6

EasyWorship Build Number: 4.8

Operating System:WIn 7 Pro 64 bit

CPU type & speed: AMD Phenom II X61090T

Amount of system memory (RAM): 8 GB

Free hard drive space: 9GB

Graphics card model: AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series

Graphics card memory: 4GB

Capture card if applicable: -

How is your computer connected to the output screen(s)?

DVI output -> VGA adapter -> VGA-cable -> Kramer Matrix Switch -> VGA-cable -> Screens

Description of the bug:

When I try to search for the content of a song in Easyworship (using the "magnifier glass", "search any field" search) the software does not present a correct result when the words I search for contain regular Swedish characters (åäö).

I can start searching for a sentence and when I get to a word that contain a Swedish character the search fails.

How was your service impacted?

I cannot search for most songs. When the worship leader want to lead the congregation in a song that is not pre-planned, the congregation cannot join in because I cannot use the search function to find the text.

How was your preparation time impacted?

Negatively. I always need the exact (entered) title of the song to find it.

Step by step instructions on how to reproduce the bug:

Add the following song to your database and try to find it using "search any field".

E.g: I cannot find it when searching for:

* du har skapat mig och kä

* på vacklande ben

* Jag vill vara här

* Låt mig präglas

* jag vill vara här

Jag kommer som jag är har ingenting att dölja
Du har skapat mig och känner mig så väl
på vacklande ben men jag längtar att få följa
Du styrker mig och leder steg för steg

Jag vill vara här i Ditt ansiktes ljus
Låt mig präglas och bli en bild av Dig
Jag vill vara här i Ditt ansiktes ljus
Reflektera ljuset ifrån Dig


The title for this song is "I Ditt Ansiktes Ljus (Jag kommer som jag är)"

See image below for and example of how the search fails when a Swedish character is reached.

The search result is sometimes also present too many hits. Some seems erroneous. But I'll report that as a separate bug when this first one is fixed, to make sure they are not connected. It would be nice if the search result was ordered by "best match", but that's a feature request I might write later.

I'll send you the short version here anyway though, since it affects how hard it is to find a song, and might be related.

See image below for an example of how impossible it is to find the correct song when the search result is wide while not being sorted by best match. In the example I'm trying to find the same song as above, searching for the first sentence in the song. The next image shows that expanding the search term does not help.

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I suspect that your second problem may be because you are not setting the search option via the (tiny!) dropdown next to the search 'magnifying glass'. You may be searching 'any field' and not just 'title'?

Here's what I get if search 'Be Still' all fields (many more songs than you can see below)

But if I search just title

Hilsen og Godt Nytt Aar!

 Hi John! Thanks for replying. :)
Sorry if I was unclear in my description, but the second issue is about actually needing to search for words within songs, but being presented with a too broad result. When being live and quickly wanting to find a song that the worship team starts to sing, you almost have to know the title as it is now. Searching for a phrase in the song will result in too many hits (ordered by title and not "best hit") and therefore cannot be used in a time limited situation. It is not feasible to look through 20+ hits for a title you didn't remember in the first place. :-/
The most common search (I theorize), second to the search for a title, is possibly for a phrase in a song you don't know the title of.
Perhaps an interesting solution would be to have another search option that was called "phrase" that was tailored around searching for phrases?

We'll be adding language settings as an option when you edit your EW profile. 

This should help. 

Also we added an option to rebuild search keys too.