[v6 General Discussion] Invalid Login Response!!

I can't login to our EasyWorship Program?!?!! We've been logged in for the past 2+ years and all of a sudden we are logged out; so I try to log us back in and all I keep getting is "Invalid Login Response" and when I try to download our product key EasyWorship's website keeps saying there is a problem retrieving it.

What do I do????

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Thank you for contacting EasyWorship technical support regarding EasyWorship 6 reverting to a watermarked version, or receiving an invalid license notification when trying to register EasyWorship. We have corrected a problem with our registration server which was preventing EasyWorship from registering. EasyWorship 6 should now show as registered, and you should no longer receive the invalid license error when trying to register EasyWorship 6 or 7. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Same problem here, yesterday 8 Juli around 12:00 til 13:00 european (NL) time. Login EW6 not possible: time out message from the server.

Few minutes later, other computer, trying to login at the forum, but is not possible. Error messages:

- unexpected system error. Please Call Support

- p2 _GetUser - timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to....

About 1 hour later the problem was suddenly gone and login was possible again.

Another member of our team said, he experienced this also a while ago, not sure before of after 9 june.

So the problem seems not definitely been resolved. Please have another look at it, because it causes severe problems when no projection is possible.