[v6 General Discussion] Two distinct outputs with separate themes applied to each of them

Hello all! Our church has recently migrated to EW6 and I haven't seen a solution to this problem in the support forums. What I am trying to do is to have two distinct main outputs and each output have separate themes applied to them. I would like the FOH screen to display four lines of text while the feed to our recording PC running VMix have two lines of text displayed so I can apply an alpha channel to it and display it as a lower thirds. This would mainly be used to display scripture during the sermons. The reason for this is that we do not have the luxury of post-editing and we need to have the ability to display just the lyrics/scriptures full screen (16:9) onto the FOH screen while the recording PC will have an input showing only two lines ( or four lines of smaller text).

I know that you can use the themes to limit where the text displays on the screen, but on FOH, I need the text to be displayed on the whole screen centered while the recording feed needs the text restricted to the lower thirds. Thanks.

This type of configuration would require you to use two different computers. One for VMIX and one for FOH.
I recommend using NDI for VMIX for simplicity of connection and setup.
Would this be possible at all? Whether it would be with EW7 or some other configuration?
EW 7 functions the same in this respect. You cannot setup a song to be laid out two different ways. Also the software doesn't allow you to send the front of house content to two different outputs with different formatting. This may be an option in the future, but right now the software isn't able to do that. At this time you would need two computers. The computer feeding vmix doesn't have to be all that powerful if you are just sending text to it. I can't speak to another option.
Some of the competing software used to allow two outputs, typically in different languages, but I'm not up to date on this. This would seem to be a more generally useful future development.