[v6 General Discussion] Live Lyrics wont highlight on down command

We upgraded to version 6 from 2009 and one thing I immediately noticed is that when you go live with a song and then hit the down arrow to progress through the lyrics, the slides update, but the highlight focus on the lyrics screen doesnt move down. In version 2009 whatever lyrics were currently on the slide would be highlighted on the lyrics screen so it was easy to see where you were in the song. After the upgrade, when you hit the down arrow one time the highlight goes from the song title to the first lyrics, but after that the highlight doesnt move down anymore even though the slides are changing. This will be confusing for some. Yes they can follow along with the slides, but it was nice to see the section of the lyrics you were on being highlighted as well. The other odd things is that it doesnt seem to do it on every song. Also, if you click anywhere in the lyrics then go back to the title the down command and highlight works just fine. It just doesnt want to work correctly on the first load.

Please download the following .MOV file to see a video of the problem. I filmed on my phone of me duplicating the problem.


Build 6.7.5
Preview and Live (View)
Windows 10
Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 2.33 GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GT 730


This is a bug in that version. You've missed a few updates.
Please go to https://support.easyworship.com/support ... 6000091844, download and update EW.
You should have been receiving update notifications when opening EasyWorship, if not, your firewall may be blocking it, or you may be using a copy of EW that has been hacked to prevent it from contacting our servers.
Awesome. Thanks. I'll install the update and test it out.