[v6 General Discussion] Best practice to add media

I'm new to EW6 and I have a simple question.
On knowledge base and manual to add any kind of multimedia item you are shown to go to the resource area where all the items are stored and import them in the appropriate area (video, audio, presentations..) and then from there build your schedule with drag and drop.

But even dragging and dropping DIRECTLY on the schedule windows is working for me! Aside from the song database (for which importing makes sense), why should I import in the DB for example announcements which I only need for that specific day? It is correct to say that if I do not need to keep a media forever and it is just used once I can simply drag it in the schedule and that's it? I was supposing that if an item was not imported it was only linked but that's not the case because I believe the file is packed in the schedule now even if I remove it from the original location....

What's your best practice on having media items into EW? Thanks a lot


It is really up to you. If you save the schedule and do not pack it then the items are not saved in the schedule. If you are only going to use something one time and never again then you do not need to save to the resources area you can just drag and drop it into the schedule and then once you are done exit the program without saving anything.
If you import a video into the Resource Database first, you can then edit its properties, most notably the In and Out times to skip intros or credits. You can then drag the video into your schedule.

If you drag a video file from outside EW directly onto your schedule, there is no way to alter its video properties. This is why I always add videos to the DB first. (I do, however, get stuck with a bloated DB full of one-off videos.)