[v6 General Discussion] Database Damaged after Upgrade to

We just updated EasyWorship from to After updating we get the error message: Unable to update data to match this version. Is our data gone forever? It will open the original default profile without any problems.

The good news is that your database is fine and still in place. was released to resolve this issue. Can you verify that you are not using 6.7.6? If you are for sure on 6.7.7 please email support@easyworship.com so we can get a ticket setup for you. We'll want to get your database and do some testing on it. If we can't get this resolved for you by the weekend, you can roll back to 6.7.5 by downloading and installing it from the following link. https://www.easyworship.com/downloads/e ... p6.7.5.exe

I created you a ticket and emailed it to you. I would like to use that in order to help.

Fred remoted into this machine and found that it was an issue where the database could not update properly from update 6.7.5.
He showed you a work-around for the time being while Development Team works on this issue.