[v6 General Discussion] Scripture Autoflow

I have a brand new installation using v6.7.5, since yesterday. Our small team of users played with an earlier version as early as May this year but we continued to use EW2009 until this week to ensure that all users had a chance to familiarise themselves before 'switchover'.
Two of us have had a chance to experiment with the latest version. We are struggling to get scripture autoflow to work as intended. Only the top portion of slides are occupied by text and I've been trying to persuade EW to fill the whole slide. I have been adjusting the minimum font size, which was initially set to 40. Reducing it to 20 allows a bit more text onto the screen but perhaps expectedly that text is smaller.
Using EW2009 the previous week, the bottom text margin was set to 40 to force displayed text to the top of the slide. This helps visibility in a different setting where the ceiling is low. I haven't yet found that setting in EW6 so it would be logical if this is affecting the current behaviour - however songs fill the whole slide.


Would you please show me the settings you have in EW 09 and then the one that you have in EW 6. I want to recreate it here. If you could post screen shots of the scripture settings from each it would help. Thanks.
Please also remember that 2009 uses screen percentages for font size and margins. EW 6 uses a more standard pixels for margins and point size for fonts.