[v6 General Discussion] Character Spacing (Tracking)

As far as I can tell, you cannot adjust tracking in EW6. (space between characters)

Is this a feature that is on the list to be added in the future?

any update on this topic from over a year ago? there doesn't seem to be anything in the knowledge base about it, the updated 6 doesn't seem to do it, and from what I can tell the newest EW7 doesn't do it, either. worship videos with spacing attached ...


Here is what got me thinking about it (though I have wanted to use it in the past as well)...

http://churchmotiongraphics.activehoste ... b39f0c.346
LOL yes as am I. I'll let the developers figure that out.
Okay, I am now officially confused as to the term!

However, I am looking for spreading out words with space between the letters.
actually after talking to a developer we found that there is spacing (tracking). Kerning is just between two characters.

I think you are looking for spacing / tracking.
Right, kearning. I think tracking is similar, though a little different.

Cannot believe no one has ever asked for this feature. Use it all the time in artwork and EW seems like a perfect use for it occasionally.

Hi Craig,
This is known as kerning. It's not a feature, but it is on the list now. Hasn't been asked for before.