[v6 General Discussion] Video Will Not Play

I am a long time EW2009 user who's just installed and registered EW6. I have started running training sessions for other EW users in my church, until now using an unregistered evaluation copy. During trainee exercises we were unable to play videos, either in preview or live, whether loaded directly from the internet or from disk. I had assumed that this was a limitation of the unregistered version, but find the same problem now that I have registered v6.5.5.0.

For the time being, I am running EW on Win10 Pro version 1703 on a Dell laptop Latitude 3540, that has an i5-4200U CPU @ 1.6 to 2.3 GHz with 4GB RAM (64-bit). It has a single video output that I have used connected to a second monitor for training purposes. The target system is somewhat different but one step at a time.

The database has been copied from the target system to my laptop using your instructions, so I have 17 files in the Media section under Videos. The video that I have tried today is an 8MB MP4 file. It appears in the Preview and Live panes with an expected view showing a picture of the artist and the song title. However, the duration appears as 0:00 / 0:00 and pressing the Play button does nothing apart from changing it to a Pause button. There is a song background in the Media section called Communion with a picture of bread and wine and this does seem to play. I have tried other video files in the 17 with similar results. The Movies & TV app in Win10 plays the video successfully.

What do you suggest?

I have found that videos I purchased from a certain website will only play when in .mov version. MP4 will not play. Though it could be that it's because you don't have a dedicated graphics card (with only 4Gb RAM, I'm assuming you don't have dedicated graphics). Though I'm not an expert, so it's probably best one of the staff answers this!
You might try installing quicktime to handle the MP4 files.
Here is a link to the download.
https://support.easyworship.com/support ... ndMOVFiles
The next update of EasyWorship won't need QT anymore.