[v6 General Discussion] Default Song Theme not changing every song in database.

Am a new EW6 user. Transferred our EW2009 database to EW6. Created a song theme and set to 'default'.

We use 'templates' (an EW file of images, songs, responsive readings, scripture, etc) as the starting point, when creating a new weekly worship schedule. (Our 'templates' follow the liturgical calendar and so the backgrounds and font colors change.)

In EW6, I open an existing 'template' (EW2009 .ews file) and save it as .ewsx. I am finding that some songs in the database are using the default theme and some are not. (To this point, nothing EW6 song database has be changed/edited.)

In EW2009 we used 'Profiles' to accomplish this change. In EW6 we are using Themes. In EW2009, switching 'templates' (Profiles) automatically changed the backgrounds, etc. Was hoping the 'theme concept' would work similarly in EW6.

I can easily change a background, but I'm guessing when we change to the next 'liturgical' theme, we'll have to change song backgrounds AGAIN...How do I choose the DEFAULT theme for a song (or for the whole database)? Don't want to create 'duplicate' songs, one for each liturgical color! Help? Thank you.

This video will show you how to set a default theme.
http://training.easyworship.com/support ... heme-ew-6-
Chances are that the songs that don't match what is in the schedule, were edited in 2009 and have a background assigned to them, or the songs in the schedule were edited and are not using the default theme.
Setting a default theme sets the default theme for items that will be added to the schedule, but existing schedules honor the themes that were used when the schedule was built. You'd need to drag and drop the theme onto the songs, scripture or presentation.
Thank you.
All songs in the current EW6 database were created in EW2009. Those in question: appear in the EW2009 schedule with 'AUTO' on the schedule thumbnail; meaning they DO NOT have a background assigned to them. In EW2009, when we switch 'profiles', they automatically switched backgrounds/fonts to current profile (i.e. EW6 theme). Those songs are the ones that are not utilizing the EW6 default theme setting for songs. Again, thank you.