[v6 General Discussion] Theme Collection Rules

I am really wanting to start using Themes more and more. One problem is you still cannot add multiple backgrounds to Themes at once. You have to Add To Theme one at a time.

Second, I am trying to mess with Theme Collection Rules. How exactly do these work? In backgrounds, I have all my different backgrounds in different directories on the drive. Then I make a collection in EW with a rule that pulls on the directory name. Works great. I have the ability to create a rule in Themes as well, but not sure where it will pull from (if anywhere). Even tried to make a directory under the Themes directory and it will still not pull them in automatically.

Are the Theme Collection Rules not working yet? Or am I just doing something wrong?

You can add multiple items to themes if you aren't trying to add them from a collection.
Adding multiple from a collection is limited on purpose, due to the possibility of selecting multiple items and one of them not being theme compatible, like a DVD or audio file. This can change in the future, but for now the logic that checks what you are selecting is not able to check multiple items. You can do this in the videos, images... because the software doesn't have to check, because you are in the Videos, images... and we can remove the option for DVD and audio.

Themes aren't usually real files, they work just like the 2009 backgrounds. They are database entries that point to files with added properties. You can export themes into folders, but that really isn't the purpose for exporting a theme. Exporting is designed for transferring a theme to another computer.
That all makes sense. I do think it is quite hard to send multiple backgrounds at once to Themes since you have to look through all of your backgrounds. Hopefully I can narrow it down with a search in the Video and Images folders.