[v6 General Discussion] Access Violation dialog box when editing theme

Hello EW Team

I seeing very frequent (but not quite 100%) access violation dialog boxes (actually 3 boxes with the same message) after I make an edit to a song theme (usually just changing the rubberbanding around the text element) - if I access the slide from within it's collection. However I do not get the access violation dialog if I carry out the same edit choosing the theme slide from the top level Song Themes.

After clicking ok on each of the access violation boxes the edit appears to have been saved ok.

My collections are built using this hierarchy
Collections - Sub Folder "Song Themes"- Sub Folder "Images" - Collection "Abstracts", Collection "Animals" etc... My media collection is built using sub-folders called Abstracts, Animals etc and the media jpegs have a filename structure img_abstracts_file1.jpg, img_animals_file34.jpg etc.

The theme titles are also structured img_abstracts_file1 etc. My collection filter is constructed Title begins with img_abstracts_

The access violation dialog box text is "Access Violation at address 00F40908 in module Easyworship.exe. Read of address 000002D8"

This is happening on a Dell Latitude E6410 running Windows7 Enterprise, SP1, i5 CPU 2.67GHz 3Gb RAM 64bit OS

Is this part of a known bug, or experienced by anyone else? Please let me know if more info is needed.

Should I raise a ticket for this?



I am sorry that you are having this issue. Yes I think a ticket would be better so that we can do some more trouble shooting.
Hi Terry

Thanks for Reply. I will raise a ticket on this.