[v6 General Discussion] Losing Images

We prepare slides at home and then copy the schedule onto a computer in church to show them. Occasionally some of the images on the slides are not there after loading the schedule in church. I have discovered the same can happen if I prepare a schedule and then switch to a different profile where the image isn't in the profile. I thought that EW copied everything into the schedule so that all you needed to transport to church was the schedule. Is this not the case sometimes?


When you save the schedule make sure that the pack files in schedule box is checked. As is the image below.

Thanks. That appears to be what has happened. If I create a new schedule the checkbox is checked as a default, but if I open the schedule that we had a problem with and click on 'Save Schedule as' the checkbox is not checked. Is there an option somewhere that sets the default state of the checkbox, or is it only ever unchecked if someone clicks on it?