[v6 General Discussion] Using EasyWorship with dropbox

Go back one step. I am just beginning my venture into Easyworship and so far I love it.
We have a few people updating our database with songs on different computers but want to consolidate it. We have Dropbox available and that is obviously the solution. How do I get Easyworship to write to and read from the database in Dropbox? ie how do I set this up?

We are using EW with Dropbox, but not entirely successfully. To do it go into Profiles Manager, select your Profile (probably Default), click the Edit button and then the Advanced tab. This will show you the path to your profile. Close EW. Copy the profile folder and all its sub-folders onto the dropbox. It might be useful to rename it to something other than 'default' as well. On each computer open EW, got into Profiles Manager, click on New, click on the advanced tab, browse to the folder on dropbox and save it. You can now switch between the original profile on your local drive and the one in dropbox.
One problem that we have is that 2 users are using it concurrently it copies some of the files and appends (Colin's conflicted file) to the file names. I then have to delete these so that everyone is seeing the same copy and we probably lose some updates.

At this time there is not a supported way to use a cloud based database. You could share you schedules using dropbox but I would not recommend using it for sharing a database because it will not synchronize the data correctly and you can end up with a corrupted database and lose all the songs in it.
Terry, what is the recommended way of sharing the database, then?
You can share it on a local area network.
Terry, appreciate your replies, but I don't want to pay £2/hour to park, and sit in a cold church to tidy up our song database.
It would be so much easier to upload the song database into the cloud, using say Dropbox as suggested, and get copyright and typos sorted out in comfort at home with a mug of coffee to hand, and Matt Redman singing away in the background!
If it's just the song database being updated using the same version of EasyWorship but on a remote computer, is it OK in theory, and if so which folders should be uploaded?
Thanks for your time.

Drop is not supported and will not work properly for the EasyWorhsip database. You can copy the whole database from the other machine and then edit the songs and then copy the whole database back to the other machine.
Hi Terry,
This is exactly the reason why our church is still on EW2009, although we purchased the license for EW6 two years ago.
There is no cloud support. There is no dropbox support. The option to copy a song from a schedule to a database is now in preparation for almost a year, with no visible progress, and the proposed solution does not solve the problem.
We have multiple people working with EW at various locations. In EW2009 this is very easy. Somebody enters a new song, sends the schedule around by email and all participants copy the song into their database. We maintain a master database that cannot be corrupted by somebody deleting a song accidentaly. People can copy the master database to stay synced.
EW6 uses a single database that must be passed around between users. In our church we have morning and afternoon services on Sunday, so two persons will be working with EW on Saturday.
Please, please, please return the feature to copy a song from schedule to database, if necessary without the associated theme. We would like to switch to EW6, but at this moment it simply does not work for us.

Update May 2017: In the new beta release it is now possible to update the database from the Schedule. Great, thanks! We will be upgrading to EW6 as soon as the final release becomes available.
We have Wi-Fi now in the church I attend, so I have created an 'Online' profile that points at a Dropbox folder. So instead of driving 10 miles, paying a fortune in parking fees and then editing the song file in a cold church, I can do the same thing in comfort at home. So far, so good. I've maintained a separate profile on the EasyWorship computer in case of corruption of the online one.
I can see that if two people were to edit the song file without allowing everything to update first, there could be corruption.
However we've been using EasyWorship since before 2010, and surplus sub-folders have crept into the profile folder. Could you please provide a list of the files and the folder structure that should be there? I can then feel more confident about deleting unwanted folders!
The current 'Default' profile is located in [color=#0000FF:47ur70sp]C:UsersPublicDocumentsSoftouchEasyworshipDefault[/color:47ur70sp]. In this folder there is currently an empty Default folder and a v6.1 folder with files, in addition to the Resources folder.
For some time now I have had two PC's set up at my church. One is pretty much a dedicated video recording machine while the other is the main church PC which does all projection.

However, as a backup I have EW installed on both machines, so, need to keep the databases, media etc on both, always in sync.

One of my team did some checking and installed and set up Resilio Sync. It is also free.

We use that a couple of different ways.

It means that I can load some media - say a video file onto the recording PC into the EW folder I have set up in Collections as MEDIA/VIDEO/TODAYS PROGRAM TEMP. Resilio immediately copies that to the Projection PC and puts it in the same folder on that PC, so the operator could immediately select and project it - all while the program is under way. I don't like doing things like this but on occasions????!!! Well, you know what I mean - It happens.

That same software could also be installed on your home PC, and linked to the appropriate folders/files in EW, so when you install a new song on your home PC, if the church PC is on the net and running, It will automatically sync. That means to that you can send entire schedules over that software link as well. The trick though of course is that both PC's must be running at the same time for the sync to happen. You do have to set up permissions, IP addresses, folders etc.

OF course, you do need to be careful and set it up so that if someone deleted all data on the church PC, (Like they did to me last December!) it will not [b]delete[/b] the data on the other one. We have it set up that way so we always keep an up to date backup on the recording PC.

This has been working fine for us now for quite a while.
With living a few miles from my church, I set up DropBox (successfully) to be able to update the song file from home. Worked OK, but we then had hiccups during the service - when we came to the sermon, the PowerPoint fouled up and EW had to be restarted.

I realised that as the sermon was loaded at the last moment - (you're sat there with the Worship Band running through their songs, and the minister runs up with the memory stick!) - so the PowerPoint then starts to upload during the service and when EW asks for the file - DropBox is still busily uploading!

So I would now not recommend this solution if your minister is like ours! Having said that, I've been to Christian conferences and used EW, and the speakers will always hand you their PowerPoint one or two minutes before the session starts, when you need the words up for the first song!!!

We start using V7 in two week's time. Hooray!
I have synchronised database files in another way also. e.g from the church to my home PC so I keep an up to date copy at home.

Find the folder where your database is ; Profiles/Profile Manager/Instance Location.

Click on folder v6.1 then open databases/data. You will see a list of database files.

Highlight and [b]COPY[/b] (DO NOT DELETE THESE FILES) the four files that start with SONG... to a flash drive.

Do the same on your other computer (at home) and paste these copied files into your Data folder, replacing the originals.

Start EW and you have the exact same set of songs and song info as you have on the church PC - or vice versa. These files could also be transferred/shared via Dropbox, We transfer etc.. - rather than sharing the entire database.

To be safe, you could COPY or MOVE the files to another sub folder then paste your new set, check if it worked OK. If not e.g. something went wrong, put your original files back - if you need to.