[v6 General Discussion] No option to upgrade past 6.4.8?

I am finding this morning (in response to a staff member complaint) that when we try to create a new presentation in EasyWorship, it crashes about 60 seconds after you've started editing the new presentation. The staff member said she'd applied an update last time she used the software, but EasyWorship tells me it is version 6.4.8. When I check for updates it says I'm running the latest version, but various posts here make it sound like we're up to 6.5.2 now. Maybe an update would fix the problem, so I'm interested - any idea what is going on?

We did release 6.5.3 but had to pull the build since some customers experienced deadlocking. We have identified the scenario that causes the problem and we are working on a fix now.

If you installed 6.5.3, and are experiencing this problem, you can rollback.

We are also working on a hot fix to download. If we can get it done before Sunday, we will post it here.
OK. We were finding this morning that the software was crashing after about half an hour of normal use - or immediately if we displayed a graphic. Sounds like a memory-filling-up issue (our computer is built like a gaming computer, FYI). Hopefully upgrading to 6.5.4 will fix this.