[v6 General Discussion] Foldback Display Text Colours


We've recently started using the foldback facility so that those who are leading our services can see the words on a screen without turning round to view the main projected displays. One thing that would be really helpful would be to keep the text colours from the main display on the foldback. The reason is that we use liturgy and some text is in white (for the minister) and other text is in yellow (for the congregation). Whilst the white on black display in the foldback is easy to read it makes no distinction between words for the minister and congregation.

Is it possible to set the foldback to strip the background from the display and show the words as on the main screens?

We've tried splitting the signal, but as our main projection is 1024x768 and the foldback screen is 1920x1080 this doesn't work.

Thanks for any help or guidance.



I am sorry but at this time there is not a way to change the font color on the foldback. This has been added as a feature request and is planed for a future update. I don't however have any time frame on when it will be available.
Thanks for the reply and for adding to the list for future update.

We'd be happy if there was an option for the folback to exactly mirror the live output. We've tried splitters, but because the resolution of the foldback is different to the live projection this doesn't work so needs to be a separate output.

Thanks for the continuing updates.
If you want to show the exact same thing on the fold back all you would really need is a splitter or you can just turn off the clock and the show next item off in EDIT//OPTIONS//FOLDBACK.