We are using EW6 and PowerPoint 2016 on a Windows 7 PC. When we embed a video into PowerPoint and then include the whole Powerpoint into a schedule, the video refuses to play. We have tried updating the codecs as per the EW6 guidance, but with no success.

Any ideas, please?



Thanks for posting about this issue. It sounds like maybe EasyWorship is set to use PowerPoint viewer. Is the slideshow created on a different computer? Have you verified that PowerPoint plays the videos outside of EasyWorship on this computer? As a point of reference, I have recently used PowerPoint 2016 and 2013 to present PowerPoint slideshows with videos embedded. We did have a computer with Office 2010 on it that did not play all of the videos in the slideshow.
Dear Rodger,
I'll check the Church PC (Windows7) this week ref the setup. However, the slideshow was created on a different PC (Windows 7), but it runs outside EW6 in normal PowerPoint on my home PC (Windows 10).
I'll get back to you. Many thanks for this suggestion ref the Viewer.

Dear Rodger,

All sorted. It now works well - a software conflict between Office 2010 and 365. However, due to the cost of Office 365 we are considering moving to LibraOffice Impress Works. Do you know if EW6 will work with LibraOffice, please. The forums offer conflicting advice.


You would have to save the files as PowerPoint files. I'm not sure if they would play properly. Check out techsoup.org for cheaper office for non prophet organizations.
Another problem has occurred in our system involving PowerPoint. PPTx and PPT files will not load when PowerPoint is selected via Options; but will only load (slowly) and play (correctly) when PowerPoint Viewer is selected. What I did to try to isolate the problem is as follows:
1. Backed-up our database/resources to an external HDD.

2. Uninstalled EW6.

3. Re-installed EW6 from a new download from our EW.com account.
4. Re-installed our backup. This might be one of the problems.

5. Checked whether we had PowerPoint full app (PPFull) or PowerPoint Viewer (PPV) checked in Options and found that:

a. PPViewer loads a file slowly, but it successfully loads the files. It will project and play PPTX day and embedded WMV files.

b. PPFull will very very slowly load a PPTX file to EW6, but that file cannot then be projected notr can it be seen in the Live window, it is all black. The program then fails to respond.

6. I also created a new profile, and used the EW6 database of songs. This had the same results as 5a and 5b above.

7. Questions:

a. Is PPFull corrupted (in which case could Ian reload on his account)?
b. Is there corruption in a relevant Windows file?
c. Is there a plug-in or file corrupted in our reinstalled backup.

i. If the last Question (7c), then:

1. Somehow I/we need to find out what file it is and replace/repair it.
2. We dare not lose all the songs, but may still be able to identify the culprit plug-in/file.
3. I could transfer my database/Resources from our home PC and see what that does.
8. Conclusion:
a. There is corruption either in PowerPoint 2016 (365) or in a Resource/Plug-in/file in our EW6 ‘database’ overall.
b. Return to EW9 is NOT an option without significant effort which needs to be focussed on EW6.
c. We CAN use EW6 as I have left it (using PPV).

9. Any ideas please?

Re PPT files loading slowly, I had one that would not load at all last Sunday.
First problem was that we are now using the new Office 2016 which blocks office files from other PCs unless they are saved in "safe" locations such as "Documents". All of ours are saved in the Easy Worship profile.
Opening the "Trust Center" in Office and adding the folder to the "safe" list released the block.
The second problem causing a slow load was that I had forgotten that office files embed all of the changes within the file until they are saved with a new name. The file was bloated out with deleted images.
The re-saved version was a lot smaller and loaded fine. We are still using a slow single processor PC which manages our basic schedules fine.