[v6 General Discussion] Video Capture

I'm in the process of building/specing a new computer for the main AV desk. We will be running EW6 with 3 cameras. The techs at Blackmagic Design recommended the Decklink Quad 2 card. That card is $995. I'd be using the EW software primarily as a switcher for the cameras as well as generating the worship text/graphics. I'm currently running an old Osprey 100e card on a 7 year old computer (can you say SLOW?). I'm wondering if anyone has tested a newer Osprey 100e card in Windows 10 Pro? The Osprey 460e runs about $1200.

Running an external switcher is a possibility. Then I could drop to a 1 or 2 channel video capture. That adds more buttons for my volunteers though. Has anyone else dealt with this? Are there options I haven't considered?


From my experience so far the Blackmagic cards are not switching from one to another as smooth as I would like. I would use a switcher and a single input card for that purpose.
The osprey cards are still good to go. The 100e is still a good card as far as I can tell from the testing I've done.
You can find a list of capture cards at the following link.
https://support.easyworship.com/support ... phicsCards

You said the Blackmagic cards don't switch smoothly. With something like the Decklink Quad2 are the individual cameras set up as different feeds or is there some sort of software from BM that switches what camera is sent to a single feed in EW? Just curious. I've been using a BM card with a single camera & I'm getting ready to add 2 more. Although, I'm going to add a video switcher into the equation.
The problem comes to light when setting up multiple feeds in EW that are pointed to different inputs on one card or an input on another BM card. Switching from one input on the card to the other or from one card to another requires EW to connect and disconnect from the driver. The driver doesn't always respond well to being switched off and back on again. If you are using a switcher, then there is only a need to have one input in use on the card and one feed in EasyWorship. The switcher takes care of all work of switching from one camera to the next. The capture card doesn't have to worry about switching from one input to another.
Thanks for the info!